M L Clark

Canadian by birth, I now call Medellín, Colombia my home.

I trained as an academic, specializing in literary histories of science with a focus on the 19th century.

I’m now delighted to be living a more balanced life writing, editing, and translating in a community where I feel better situated to make a meaningful difference.

My work with OnlySky explores international news, futurism, and humanist analysis of related topics. Global humanism is my top priority. To me, it means constantly trying to broaden my horizons, learn more, and grow more, as part of a family now eight billion strong.

My speculative fiction is also strongly guided by the desire to explore social contract theory and alternative approaches to society, along with restorative and rehabilitative justices.

Whether any of this “succeeds” is not the point. Our world is fragile and filled with injustice. To get to do this work at all is rare in our deeply hurting world. To uplift the people around us as we go is everything.

So be well. Be kind. And seek justice where you can.

Everything else is a gift.


UNHCR isn’t perfect (very few massive international NGOs are, because of how much red tape quickly becomes involved), but it does do important work providing the basics to refugees in need.

Refugees International also does frontline work addressing the plight of displaced people around the world. It has less funding because it refuses government and UN support, which is key to allowing it to speak out more openly on critical issues.


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